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When my kids were little, it was always SUCH a wait to make sure they were in bed and totally asleep before Santa or the Easter Bunny could stop by. For someone who is an early bird....I would seriously count the minutes until I could fill and set things up for the morning!!

Now things are a little different, but we still celebrate!! We bring out the monogrammed Easter basket and hope they are filled by morning!!

monogrammed easter basket


monogrammed easter basket

And all those Spring babies....nothing like a sweet Easter burp cloth to make the holiday extra special. And yes...these are super cute but also super handy. They will get covered in spit up...but that only means they are well used and well loved!!

monogrammed Easter burp cloth

And these little snack cubes make the sweetest addition to any basket! Love how useful these are!! Perfect for snacks on the go!!

monogrammed snack cubes

We're big candy people around here. These are some my my favs....peanut butter and chocolate All.Day.Long. This might be my love language!

reeses peanut butter eggs

Easter will be here before you know it...so hop to getting your stuff monogrammed and ready!


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