Monogramming your home.....

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It's so easy to think about putting a monogram on a baby blanket or purse or cosmetic bag....but what about your home??! Nothing is prettier than monograms in your house! 

monogrammed bedding
We spend SO much time monogramming for others....and I had wanted to do a big pillow for our bed. Finally took the time to make this bolster pillow and now I feel like our bed is complete!!! Married monograms are her first initial, last initial and his first initial. This bolster pillow was a yard of fabric and some batting. So super quick!
monogrammed napkins


And how about some monogrammed napkins for the table! These make me want to pack a picnic basket and head to the country. You can find blank napkins one sale and make them super special with a monogram!!

monogrammed cocktail napkins

Cocktail darn cute!! And the options are endless. Have a party to go? Bring a set as a hostess gift!

monogrammed luggage tags

These might be my fav. Big trip to take?? Your luggage needs a monogram. Make your stuff stand out on the baggage carousel. You'll be the envy of the other travelers! 

Love monograms like we do??? Make sure to sprinkle some monograms around your house to make it extra 'yours." :)




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